How to Buy a Interest-Free Car The Easiest Methods – Car loans

Banks’ low-interest campaigns are also transferred to you by car sales stores. Auto companies will try to convince you about this because they will collect all the fees of that car from the bank in a timely manner and therefore will work to create the most suitable credit opportunity for you and your budget.

For this, you can evaluate the options offered to you and benefit from the alternative that suits you, regardless of the bank. To do this, you must first have decided on the car you will buy.

Attention Here When Buying A Car!

Attention Here When Buying A Car!

For the car you will buy or intend to buy, you must first make market research and determine the value of the car, you can get a lot of prices for the same brand and model. This will of course change in relation to the vehicle’s mileage, accident situation, technical and mechanical maintenance, and other features.

In addition, there may be a price difference even between two different dealers for the same vehicle. After deciding on your vehicle and the amount of credit required for you, you should negotiate with individual banks for the interest-free loan campaigns of the banks and select the appropriate campaign for you in the light of these negotiations.

Zero Interest Car Campaign from Automotive Manufacturers

Zero Interest Car Campaign from Automotive Manufacturers

If the people who want to buy a car with zero interest are considering buying a 0 km car, let’s say that there are definitely more alternatives in this regard. Many brands organize a zero-interest car campaign among their models. In these campaigns; The maturity period and the amount of credit that can be withdrawn may vary depending on the model and sometimes according to the brand. Now, let’s transfer these campaigns to you.

Which Car Brands Offer Interest-Free Loans


15,000 USD interest-free credit support in the Peugeot 208 model, 20,000 USD 20-month interest-free credit support in the 308 model, 20,000 USD 20-month interest-free credit support in the 301 models, 30,000 USD interest-free credit support in the Partner model, 15,000 USD in the Bipper model. interest-free credit support is offered.


In Ford Fiesta, 24 thousand USD with 20-term interest-free credit support, 18 thousand USD with 18-month interest-free credit support, for Ford Focus, C-MAX, Mondeo, Kuga, S-MAX and Galaxy, 24 thousand USD with 20-month term zero-interest loan support is provided. Among commercial models, Ford Transit and Ford Transit Connect, 18 thousand USD interest-free credit support are provided.


0 interest credit support is provided in Toyota Auris, Corolla, Verso or Toyota Rav4.


For Talisman and Megane models, 24 thousand USD interest-free credit support is provided from Renault for 24 thousand USD.


In the İ10 model, 12 thousand USD 12-month interest-free loan support, in the I20 model, 15 thousand USD 15-month loan support, in the İ30 model, 30 thousand USD 15-month loan support.


Within the scope of the zero-interest loan issued by Opel for the new safe Insignia; 36 thousand USD in 12-month credit allocation. There is no interest. Opel Astra also; Zero interest support is offered with a 12-month term of 12 thousand USD.


Fiat vehicle company has announced that it will provide interest-free loans up to 30.000 USD in commercial vehicles such as Doblo and Fiorino. Fiat, who put this application into practice for farmers, asked the people who would buy the vehicle that they were registered in the farmer registration system and issued a car loan with a 30 percent interest rate of 30.000 USD. The payments of this interest-free loan have been determined as 1500 USD per month for 20 months. In addition, farmers who benefited from this campaign were given a gift of car care worth 500 USD per year. Such campaigns have set an example for other car companies, and this concession has been granted up to a certain limit. Campaigns may vary depending on the vehicle company, period or target audiences.

What are the Opportunities to Buy Interest-Free Cars?

What are the Opportunities to Buy Interest-Free Cars?

You can visit these companies from time to time to buy vehicles with interest-free credit or you can get information by following the announcements on their website. In particular, banks are more active in making announcements and informing and they reach you and inform you about the campaigns by using all methods such as text message, e-mail, and telephone to invest your savings in them.

These are bonded and secured methods of using interest-free loans, also known as Islamic methods as well as banks and automobile companies. In these methods, private institutions and Islamic banks come into play. Good Finance and Good Credit are the most familiar companies for buying interest-free homes and cars from private institutions.

Good Finance Automotive Opportunity

Good Finance Automotive Opportunity

These companies can make you own interest-free home and car with both installments and cash payments. The system here continues as follows; Those who want to buy a car first apply to Good Finance Automotive and indicate how much to buy. For example, 20.000 USD or 50.000 USD There is no upper or lower limit in this regard. After specifying the car you want to buy, it is necessary to determine how many payments plans you will create.

Thus, your monthly installment amount and your vehicle purchase process are determined. Since there is no interest in this system, for example, you want to buy a vehicle of 30.000 USD and if you can pay 1.000 USD per month, your payments will be completely finished after 30 months.

To achieve this, first of all, 30 USD 1,000 worth of promissory note is signed to ensure mutual reliability, and the declaration of this vehicle in the form of ‘1st, 2nd or 3rd Installment’ of the 30,000 USD vehicle is specified and signed. Every month, the bills are mutually destroyed by making sure the amount of the subject matter is paid to the automotive. With the payment of the half price of the vehicle, the vehicle is delivered and the remaining installments continue to be paid.

The aim is to ensure that everyone owns the vehicle with the promissory note and installment method without giving interest. The same methods can be used not only as a vehicle but also as a homeowner, but the priority of the person who will buy the house is determined by drawing as a different application. This method is both Islamic and reliable.